Are you looking forward to these calm hours by the sea with your friends waiting to catch a fish? Is fishing your favorite hobby or you are a professional fisherman? Fishing in ZEWS Island is an experience that you have to try, whether you are an aficionado or just enjoying this activity, because of the unique landscapes, the rich sea depths and the fish diversity and just because fishing in ZEWS is something you simply have got to experience!

The organizes all the details regarding the spots, the time, the equipment and everything you may need to enjoy your favorite activity in ZEWS. Fishing is among the most popular forms of alternative tourism around the Tanzania. So, embark on our boat, take your fishing rod, your beloved ones and enjoy one or more fishing tour packages that will give to your favorite activity a whole new dimension. The long tradition of the island’s people in fishing, the fish and the volcanic scenery and the black sandy beaches with the volcanic rocks will make your fishing experience in ZEWS something that you cherish forever!

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